This year the AIRO Young workshop is not featuring the usual grants for participation, as the workshop will be online and thus no accommodation expenses are required. Nevertheless, we still believe in the importance of allowing participants with limited fundings to take part in our initiatives, so we decided to devolve the current year grants to next year event in the form of awards for the best presentations and the best papers published in the Proceedings of this year.

- What are the grants:
the grant consists in an award for participation to the next year workshop, that will cover accomodation expenses for two nights, up to 150 euros.

- How many grants are there:
there will be 3 grants for the workshop presentations and 3 grants for the papers (awarded to the corresponding author). The grants cannot be cumulated.

- Eligibility:
for the workshop presentation grant it is necessary to be a PhD student
for the paper grant it is necessary to participate to the event as PhD student or Post-Doc with PhD degree obtained at most from 5 years or age at most 35 years old.

Presentation Panel: 
- Annarita De Maio - Università della Calabria

- Nicola Gastaldon - Salvagnini Group S.p.A.

- Giusy Macrina - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica Energetica e Gestionale (DIMEG), Università della Calabria

- Lorenzo Peirano - Università degli Studi di Brescia


Note: winners of these grants are required to be members of AIRO when they will benefit of the award, during the AIRO Young Workshop in 2022.